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Fibery Goodness

Wow! I haven’t blogged in so long I almost forgot how to log on! Just haven’t had much to say – life has been moving pleasantly along (despite having a three week long respiratory bug that sucked all my energy.)

This past weekend was Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon – about a four hour drive from my island. DH & I went down on Friday and made two Pendleton stops. First up – the mill in Washougal, Washington. We arrived just in time for the 1:30 tour, which was great fun. The tour takes about 45 minutes and they show you the whole process. I wish they allowed photos, because there were giant size dye vats, humongous bags of fleece, spinning machines, warp beams that hold anywhere from 44 – 1500 yards, and enormous looms. There were bolts of gorgeous Pendleton fabric all over the place, thousands of cones of yarn (they have 1,500 colors), and piles of Indian blankets.

After the tour, we drove on to Pendleton stop #2 – the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store. This is an outlet for their bolt ends, fabric trimmings, etc. Here are a couple of pieces I couldn’t resist.


The top fabric is a piece from a blanket, and the bottom piece is actually what they weave between each blanket. Many blankets are woven on each warp and cut apart and finished at the Washougal factory. The Pendleton name piece is woven into each divider and then sold as scrap for $1.25/pound! I want to make a flute bag with the name piece. I don’t know what I’ll do with the blue piece, but it was just too pretty to leave behind!

So, onward to OFFF on Saturday. It’s a great little festival – not so big as to be overwhelming, but large enough to fill a day. Since I’ve started dyeing fiber, I wasn’t overly tempted by all the pretty offerings, but it was fun to look! Here’s what followed me home.


The top bag holds superwash merino, the bottom bag is merino/tencel. Next time you see these fibers they will be pretty colors. This is really exciting for me, because what you see is actually my first business inventory! Come on out to the Whidbey Weavers’ Guild sale in November to buy the first editions!


This is a fingerless mitt kit, made with Judith MacKenzie’s new shetland yarn. The pouch is handfelted by women in Kyrgyzstan, and is just the right size to hold money and credit cards – hopefully breaking me of the crippling habit of carrying a big ol’ bag of extraneous junk!

Sunday morning I was overcome by basket fumes and succumbed to this awesome little market basket that is perfect for carrying a spindle and fiber.


And last but not least, this photo is for my friend Laurie – she will know why!



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