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Last Friday I took a day off from dyeing to go to the Nordic Heritage Museum, in the Ballard section of Seattle, to see the Elsebeth Lavold Viking Trail knitting exhibit. I can’t come up with words to describe her work, so I’ll just let these photos do the talking.
Elsebeth Lavold

The afghan is made from her swatches for the Viking Patterns for Knitting book, which just happens to be sitting in my bookcase. I really enjoy knitting cables – once! A whole sweater’s worth doesn’t interest me, but I do like to try them out, so………I think I will borrow her idea and make my own afghan. I just happen to have at least 8 balls of Aran yarn in my stash, so this will be a project I can pick up as the mood strikes, trying out different patterns but not getting bored from having to repeat them ad nauseum!

To continue the knitting theme, the museum was also showing pieces from their collection, which gave me an idea for another project. I love the Nordic mittens and sweaters, but I know I would never wear either. But then I saw these:
My creation

Socks! Now that is something that I will wear! Inspiration #2!

There’s no photo for Inspiration #3, but there were some lovely Icelandic wool shawls on display, so I’ve decided that I would like to spin some laceweight Icelandic roving and knit a shawl.

In addition to all the knitted wonders, there was also a whole room devoted to looms, spinning wheels and textile arts. Here’s an overview of the display, showing a gigantic barn loom:


Here’s something I’ve never seen before – it’s kind of like a cobbler’s bench, but for carding wool:

Looks like a good idea that would make hand carding quite a bit easier!

And check out the bed on this spinning wheel!
There were quite a few wheels on display with extremely slanted beds, so that must have been typical for the region, but not something I had ever seen before.

I’ll leave you with this image:

Should you ever run short on project ideas, you can always knit insoles for your slippers!


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Inventory, Not Stash!

Ever wonder what 50 pounds of fiber would look like?

50 pounds of fiber

The bag in the upper right corner holds a 22 pound bale. It came tied down into a tight little pod that kind of exploded up out of the bag when I cut the cords. It kept expanding upward for a day or so, finally reaching DH’s knee height. It is superwash merino, and the others are BFL, white alpaca/silk, and fawn alpaca/silk/merino. I’ll be busy all month waving my magic dye wand, creating colorful braids of fiber to sell at the Whidbey Island Spin-In, which is April 4 & 5. Make sure to stop by and say hi if you are there!

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