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The Raven Rocks!

I’m happy to say that as of May 1st, I am a resident artist at Raven Rocks Gallery. I’ll be on their website as soon as I write up an artist’s statement and send them a photo. I’m thinking of using my Ravelry avatar photo of me draped in roving.

The galleries of Greenbank Farm are open late on the first Friday of each month, so I was there last night for my debut – LOL! It was fun to see people admiring the pretty colors.DSC07508My display at Raven Rocks Gallery
<DSC07504Two dear friends on flute and drum.
<DSC07493Pumpkin Patch on top in wool/silk; Coastal Forest on bottom in wool/nylon
<DSC07492Grapevine in wool/silk on top, wool/nylon on bottom

I am becoming kind of obsessed with dyeing yarn!

And finally, a sock-in-progress:
<DSC07450Gothic Grape in wool/silk
I have to test out the product line, right?


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