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Wakey Wakey!!!!!

I decided it was high time to wake up the blog and share some pictures of my newly redesigned booth at the Whidbey Weavers’ Guild Spin-In on April 10 & 11, 2010, with thanks to my friend MissouriStar on Ravelry for the picture that actually shows me spinning. The Spin-In was a huge success. The new facility has lots of windows, we had lovely weather, and there were a record number of spinners attending. I doubled my sales over last year, which I totally attribute to the awesome hanging rack my husband made for me. I also added several new fibers to my inventory – I now carry Bluefaced Leicester, a gorgeous Bluefaced Leicester/Silk blend, Polwarth (which is a Merino/Lincoln cross – think soft, longer staple and subtle shine), Wensleydale, plus a few others that you can find listed on my website.




To go along with the booth redesign, we are also doing a major website redesign, including a shopping cart as I have way too much inventory to list on a third party shopping site. The address is http://www.fibermorphosis.com. (Obviously my talents lie in dyeing fiber and not in blog technology, as I can’t figure out how to hot link that!) Feel free to stop by for a sneak peek, but be forewarned that it will be much like peering through the soap covered windows of a store that is being remodeled ~ you will see some products appearing on a daily basis, but the shopping isn’t up and running just yet. But window shopping can be fun!

Stay tuned to the blog for my grand opening announcement and other news!


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This past Saturday was the 2nd annual fiber festival on Whidbey Island, with 19 local vendors (including me!) I’ve been dyeing yarn and fiber all summer to get ready for this – thus the blog silence.DSC08044

This is my neat little spot, back by the llama stand. With a little dressing up and modification, it made a great place for one of my cube units.

The weather was horrible (sandwiched in between two gorgeous days) but people still came out to play, and I am happy with my sales. If you live in the PNW, you can’t let a little rain wreck your parade!

I’m still sorting things back into place at home – both from the sale aftermath and from not doing much at all around the house for the past three months! Stay tuned for another post highlighting a new product I’ve come up with, and an Etsy shop update.

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I didn’t take any classes, but being so close to Portland, how could I not go to the Sock Summit?
This is the line waiting for the marketplace to open. When was the last time you saw a line of people sitting on the

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Bright Shiny Objects!

Welcome to the world of automation!

That’s a three-at-a-time electric powered skein winder, and it can do in about 5 minutes what it took me 20 minutes to do by hand! Now I can spend less time winding and more time dyeing! Which is exactly what I’ve done:

All those, plus other bright shiny objects, are available in my shop: www.fibermorphosis.com. Just click the “shop” link in the left hand column! I have an amazing new merino/tencel yarn that takes color beautifully, shines just enough, and feels wonderful – so soft! And don’t overlook the squishy soft superwash wool/nylon blend.

My skein winder has enabled me to offer a new service – custom yardage. Would you prefer a 300 yard skein? Or perhaps a 500 yard skein? Just let me know – I am quite happy to dye custom lengths. I will also dye any combination of the colors that you see on my yarns – mix-and match!

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Grand Opening

I’m happy to announce the grand opening of my virtual fiber shop, Fibermorphosis(tm)! Visit my website ~ www.fibermorphosis.com to have a look at some of my yarn and fiber, and click on the “Shop” tab to go to my Etsy shop. Check back soon as I will be adding many skeins of fingering weight yarn (socks and scarves, anybody?) in the near future. It’s taking me a while to stock up because my dyeing process is a little slow. I dye my yarn with very small color repeats rather than using long color blocks. It takes time, but it creates a yarn than doesn’t stripe or pool when you knit, which I think is worth the extra time I spend. I’ll be dyeing in my July colorways: Citrus Twist, Creamsicle, and Transcend, along with some other colors ~ we’ll see where the dyes lead me!Citrus TwistCreamsicleTranscend

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<img src="July 4th, 2009” alt=”” />

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The Raven Rocks!

I’m happy to say that as of May 1st, I am a resident artist at Raven Rocks Gallery. I’ll be on their website as soon as I write up an artist’s statement and send them a photo. I’m thinking of using my Ravelry avatar photo of me draped in roving.

The galleries of Greenbank Farm are open late on the first Friday of each month, so I was there last night for my debut – LOL! It was fun to see people admiring the pretty colors.DSC07508My display at Raven Rocks Gallery
<DSC07504Two dear friends on flute and drum.
<DSC07493Pumpkin Patch on top in wool/silk; Coastal Forest on bottom in wool/nylon
<DSC07492Grapevine in wool/silk on top, wool/nylon on bottom

I am becoming kind of obsessed with dyeing yarn!

And finally, a sock-in-progress:
<DSC07450Gothic Grape in wool/silk
I have to test out the product line, right?

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